The Next 5 Years—

Grounding [Year 1] — The Church Planter networks in the church and community. Focus Groups sharpen vision and cultivate cultural IQ.

Gathering [Year 2] — Develop leadership team and cast vision for core group. Fund raise for church plant. Launch church September 2020.

Growing [Years 3-5] — Hire PT/FT staff. Grow discipleship ministries. Cooperate with organizations doing justice work. Develop lay leadership like elders and deacons.

Some Particularities—

Mother/Daughter — Healthy churches plant churches. Christ Church Bellingham will serve as the ‘mother church’ sending people, support and vision. Mother/daughter churches have the highest success rate at 94%.

Communal — ‘Planting’ is borrowing from an agricultural metaphor capturing the idea that church planting is an organic and relational effort. There are no little people and the day’s ordinary tasks take on fresh meaning.

Affiliations — The Whatcom Church Project is sponsored by a denomination and church planting network. Religious institutions are hardly trendy but they ensure accountability, resources and sustainability. We like our affiliations because they serve the larger purpose of loving God and people.